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Why MNW?Why MNW?Why MNW?Why MNW?

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Featured Bible Studies

How We Got The Bible
Dr. Paul L. Maier

Facing Disaster Like A Man
Rev. Kurt Klaus

Featured Booklets

Prayer: When You Don't Know What To Say
Prayer is an invitation. It's an open door. It's a line of communication established by God Himself and available to us all. It's part of the relationship we share with our Father who encourages us to bring Him our wildest joys, our most profound sorrows, and everything in between.


The Conflict at Home: Confronting PTSD
The devastation of war goes on long after the soldier has left the field of battle. Received in the nightmare of conflict, scars -- both physical and psychological -- can persist throughout the lifetime of the veteran, putting career, family, relationships, and personal wellbeing at risk.


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Fishing Tournament - Submit a Fish!

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